Shop Diamond Bandsaw Blades

 These blades are the best, cleanest and fastest cutting band saw blades I have used in 40 years of woodworking and I have tried them all!

The Xtra-duty cuts a little cleaner than the normal 0.025" blade but because it is almost 50% thicker there is more stress in the weld when it turns around the wheel with each pass. This means two things to potential purchasers:

1. If your blade length is less than 90 inches perhaps you should go with the "normal" 0.025" thickness in the stead of the Xtra-duty 0.032".

2. After two or three months of heavy use I will normally replace my blade because it breaks. The extraordinary quality of cut easily out weighs the occasional broken blade.

Shopping carts are frustrating! I am using "QUANTITY" for length in order to make my customers life a little easier BUT It makes it difficult to order multiple blades. If you would like more than one blade, enter the TOTAL NUMBER OF INCHES and note the quantity (and length if different) in "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS"  I will then make the adjustment.  If you order 10 blades shipping is free!

These blades are sold and priced BY THE INCH